The Long Center

Long Center Challenges

  • Better understand the public perception of the Long Center brand
  • Based on that perception, improve web presence and efficiency, update logo and create a messaging platform to influence a positive, community-oriented perception

Upbeat Marketing Solutions

  • Conduct market research, including a 36-question Online Survey through Survey Monkey; and 12 Focus Groups and Interviews with Executive Staff, Employees, Board Members, Key Donors and Community Tastemakers
  • Analyze 2000+ survey responses and provide executive staff and board members with strategic recommendations regarding the direction of the new brand
  • Use this analysis to develop the company’s new messaging platform including Primary & Secondary Messages and Proof Points, Elevator Pitch, Boiler Plate and 350-word Description
  • Provide search engine optimization strategies and reporting, site map analysis and recommendations, input on website wireframes and design, input on logo design
  • Outline copy needs for the new website and edit copy for entire site provided by the client


Today, The Long Center has a better understanding of their brand and how the public perceives their brand. As a result, the Long Center brand is more established, is rooted in market research and better reflects the company’s mission, vision and community involvement.