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Quiller App

Quiller Challenges

  • Create a comprehensive Marketing Strategy to drive downloads of a new app
  • Optimize for Quiller App for the App Store to compete with similar journaling apps
  • Create a comprehensive PR campaign for Quiller App launch to reach reporters, app reviewers and bloggers
  • Create Quiller Website to provide users with more information about the app features and functionality

Upbeat Marketing Solutions

  • Design and execution of a strategic, full-scale marketing campaign, including key campaign dates and deliverables as well as an Inbound Marketing and Content Strategy outlining the best practices for driving downloads to the app and generating keyword-rich content for the app website, blog, social media and more
  • Using our signature SEO approach which includes keyword research, competitor analysis and backlink reporting, we optimized the Quiller App iTunes App Store Description not only for general search but according to strict Apple search standards
  • Using our signature SEO approach which includes keyword research, competitor analysis and backlink reporting, we created a new WordPress website complete with a blog, easily editable content and visuals of the app. We also wrote the content for the new website
  • Design and execution of a PR campaign including optimized press release creation, wire release management and pitches via email and social media to reporters, bloggers, industry writers and app review sites. We approached this campaign from an SEO perspective identifying 1) the highest ranking app review sites and 2) other high-ranking sites that were linking to competitors and/or the hottest trending apps. Design of a 12-month content calendar for Facebook and Twitter and training with Quiller App owner Amy on our industry best practices for social media account management, content creation and user engagement


Quiller launched January 29th, 2013. With Upbeat’s solutions, Quiller was published on over 15 online websites, app review sites and blogs and was featured on local CBS television station KEYE. Upbeat Marketing trained Quiller owner Amy throughout the campaign on how to use social media, inbound marketing and her website to tell her story, sell her app and engage with her audience. As of March 2013 (one month after launch), Quiller had been downloaded over 1500 times and received over 100 in app purchases.