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Active Life

Active Life Challenges

  • Understand the feasibility of a TEAM component in terms of interest, program design, benefits and rewards, fundraising, operations and finance
  • If feasibility is established, design a TEAM programmatic brief and overall TEAM business and marketing plan

Upbeat Marketing Solutions

  • Collaborate with Active Life’s Founder & CEO to understand and outline the campaign objectives
  • Conduct four Focus Groups of College Students, Health/Fitness Enthusiasts, Small to Mid-sized Employers and Health Industry Professionals to determine feasibility of a TEAM component
  • Conduct two Interviews with one Health Industry professional and one Business Development professional to dive deeper into the feasibility of a TEAM component
  • Complete outline of Focus Group and Interview outcomes and recommendations


Upon completion of the Focus Groups and Interviews, Upbeat Marketing provided a de-brief report and facilitated a discussion with the Founder & CEO of Active Life. At this time, the consensus of research participants was negative toward the feasibility of a TEAM component. While the research Upbeat Marketing provided did not support a TEAM component, it helped Active Life avoid the investment of time and financial resources in a program with little interest. It also helped them better understand the target market, TEAM support and programmatic needs and the fundraising climate should they decide to move forward with a TEAM component in the future.