Tips For An Enticing Blog Post

If your company or brand uses a blog to communicate with your clients and customers, you want to make sure your posts are enticing and worthy of a repost. We have gone ahead and compiled some helpful tips to consider when you write your blog posts!

Blog posts1) Take your time – Never rush a post. You should always devote the proper amount of time to a post. Every blog post is a reflection of your brand, so it deserves the proper amount of time.

2) Have a clear topic – Don’t try to fit too much into one post. If you have two or three things to discuss, break it up into several posts rather than try to cram them all in. Or, if you do need to include multiple topics in one post, break them up with a custom header for each topic.

3) SEO – Make sure your keywords are effective and you are using search engine optimization to your advantage. Help other people find your blog posts categorizing your posts and adding keyword tags to each post.  You can also include keywords in your headers and within the content of the post itself.

4) Include pictures and external links – Linking your blog post to other blogs or websites helps with SEO and helps connect your readers to further information. Pictures are also an easy way to help the aesthetic of your blog and keep your readers engaged.

5) Read your post out loud – Make sure the grammar and flow of the blog post makes sense for your audience and reads smoothly before you publish it.

We wish you successful blogging!  If you have any further questions regarding blog posts for your company or engaging your audience, contact Upbeat Marketing at 512.222.7141 or

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