The Power of Emotions

Emotions are what guide our habits and actions.

Emotions are what drive us to certain actions and to think certain things. How can a business harness these powerful emotions and use it in marketing to benefit the company and drive sales? Adding the power of emotion to your messaging can help grab your target’s attention and create a memorable brand image for return sales.

Here are a few things to remember when handling the power of emotions in your branding/marketing:

1) Context is key. Yes, an image or quote can say a lot, but to really emotionally connect with your audience you need to put the message into context. Framing the emotion into the message can help your audience relate or feel the emotion you are aiming for.

2) Be honest. Nobody likes false advertising or messaging, and it makes the audience feel an emotion you don’t want them to feel: betrayed. Using authentic content and true feelings towards your message will help create that honest bond between your brand and your consumer.

3) Finally, use your clients as a source of emotion. Why did they feel the need or desire to buy your product or service? Tapping into that emotion and understanding your audience can help drive your messaging forward down the road.

When using emotion in your messaging, these tips can help guide you to really creating that connection with your target. Emotions drive all human behavior and have a serious impact on our purchasing habits as well as the way we look at products. A great example is to think of a band’s t-shirt. Did you buy that shirt for the quality? Most likely, you purchased it due to the emotional bond you felt at the concert or through their music.

As a marketing agency, our goal is always to engage in an emotional bond with the audience by creating campaigns that grab their attention.  We see the overall creative process as an opportunity to build trust and expand upon our existing relationship with clients.  We hope you will experience the same success with these quick tips to use the power of emotions!

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