Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

In a growing technological world where consumers are becoming more informed, intelligent and saavy every minute, the customer experience in changing. You cannot treat your customers in a cookie cutter way or apply the same customer experience you did years ago to today’s consumers. In order to remain at the top of your customer’s minds, you must adapt your business to better meet their needs and expectations.

One major difference that has been noticed in the past few years is personalization of customer experience. With more informed consumers (thanks, Google!), it is crucial to make sure you are tailoring your service and products to the people who are actually buying them — or you will lose them to your competitors.

Here are a few tips on how to personalize your customer experience:

1) Engage your consumers when they interact with you on social media platforms.

The next time a customer tags you in a status or checks in to your storefront, make sure you say “Great seeing you today!” or “We hope you enjoyed your time at our store.” It makes the customer feel special, and they will most likely plan a return visit/purchase.

2) Make sure you have someone dedicated to meeting your customer’s needs.

Whether it is you, your business partner or an employee you train, someone in your company needs to be in charge of customer relations. When customer complaints, praises and inquiries come in, this designated person needs to be the one who responds. This will allow your company to grow relationships with customers and create a personalized response to their questions/comments.

3) Allow customers to contribute by asking questions.

Through social media, customers can actually help create your content or at least provide a general direction for your ideas. For example, if you simply post a question like “What would you like to hear about in our next weekly blog?,” you can learn what your customers want and actually follow up on it. For retailers or restaurants, you can even pose questions related to new products or new menu items.  This helps customers to feel a personal connection to your company — and who doesn’t like to feel special?

If you’d like to do a little brainstorming with Upbeat Marketing on ways to personalize your company’s customer experience, visit or contact or 512.222.7141.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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