Instagram and How To Master It

As social media continues to grow, the world seems to find new outlets and different ways to communicate. One of the newest social media outlets is Instagram, which has been around for quite a bit but is now turning heads as more and more businesses use it for their marketing benefits.

Instagram Logo

While Instagram has grown incredibly popular for individual usage, the concept of using it for your business is still fresh. Since the app if free and already has over 130 million people using it, the benefits of the app as a communication and branding tool are very high. What can you and your brand do to make sure you stay on top of this social media wave? Learn the inside scoop about Instagram and how to master it.

Step 1: The Profile: Make sure your profile is very clear, clean, and displays your brand properly. Your profile should be public and the picture should be your logo to make finding your instagram easy for your followers.

Step 2: Learn The In’s and Out’s of Instagram: In order to properly use a tool, you should fully understand it first! Learn the rules, check out other brand’s instagrams and see how the hashtags, posts, and geo-tagging work. Bonus: Connect your other social media outlets to instagram so that when you post a new picture, it will automatically post to your other sites. This will help you gain your new Instagram following quickly and effectively.

Step 3: Utilize The New Video Feature: Instagram just recently released a new video feature that has everyone buzzing. Help your business gain followers by displaying your company’s personality and messaging in fun, short clips. Using this new tool will help display your grasp of the Instagram realm.

Using these steps, you can start your business’s Instagram profile and really get going on this hot social media track. Make sure your messaging stays with your brand and just enjoy the new and exciting picture-sharing social media site.

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