Coco and Duckie: A Messaging Platform Case Study

Today more than ever consumers desire to engage and feel connected to the brands behind the products and services they use.  In fact, they are investing more time in researching and learning about companies and products before making their purchasing decisions.  The brands who have a well defined story and know how to share it will win out above their competitors.

Coco & Duckie LogoRecognizing the importance of well defined messaging, Coco and Duckie, a home and fashion boutique located in the hill country town of Bellville, approached Upbeat Marketing to see if we could help them with their messaging platform and brand definition.

This family-owned boutique has such a unique personality and provides their customers with one-of-a-kind products, but like many companies they needed guidance in knowing how to share this with others.  In addition, with the recent introduction of an e-store, Coco and Duckie found themselves needing to adjust their messaging to include a whole new market as well.

First, our team invested time in learning Coco and Duckie; who they are, what they provide and the differentiators that set them apart from their competitors. Through a review of current marketing materials, a client download meeting and a visit to the Coco and Duckie storefront our team was left with a clear sense of who Coco and Duckie is and what makes them unique.  This step was successful because of the time and energy that both of our teams were willing to invest in the process.


Our team’s visit to the Coco and Duckie storefront in Bellville helped us step into the inspiring world that they have created through their loving curation of one-of-a-kind finds. (Added bonus: we also found a few treats for ourselves and our loved ones!) We also had the opportunity to pay a visit to some of their local competitors which helped us gain a clear understanding of the aspects that make Coco and Duckie unique.  Our visit was a significant step because we weren’t just told about the Coco and Duckie difference; we were able to experience it for ourselves.  When we made it back to our offices we were inspired to put this down on paper and began working away on their messaging platform.

Working on the messaging platform for Coco and Duckie was an inspiring and fun process for our team.  We were giddy to present them with a document that put into words all the things that make Coco and Duckie who they are, including a new positioning statement, tagline, boiler plate, elevator pitch and talking points.

Now, equipped with the tools they need to share their story Coco and Duckie can continue to further establish their position in the market.  Potential customers will be drawn in by their story and excited to experience the Coco and Duckie difference for themselves.

{Tagline Options Provided to Coco & Duckie}
Step into a world of inspiration.
Inspiration to make life sweeter.
Let in the lovely.
Unique finds for a unique you.
A touch of fabulous.

….and the tagline winner was….   Let in the lovely.

To learn more about a messaging platform or how to define your brand, contact the Upbeat Marketing Team at or 512-222-7141.

Lauren Perkins
Account Manager

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