Involving Clients in the Creative Process? There is Hope!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 2.44.02 PMIn the marketing industry there can sometimes be negative talk surrounding client involvement in the creative process.  Many designers and artists find themselves torn between their creative inspiration and the need to please a client.  At Upbeat Marketing, we believe it is possible to involve clients in the creative process and deliver a product they are happy with, all while maintaining our own creative integrity.  We are here to share a few quick tips that will hopefully help you navigate this relationship for an end result everyone can be proud of!

1. Establish a Healthy Foundation

  • Establish yourself as the creative professional by showcasing successful campaigns and client testimonials that speak to your proven track record and build client confidence.
  • Present clients with a portfolio that is consistent in style and quality, so they know what caliber of creative they can expect from you.
  • Walk clients through your creative process, so they can understand all of the research and strategy that goes into the final product.
  • Allow clients to share their initial ideas and then ask them to keep an open mind and an open line of communication throughout the process.

2. Learn How to Sell Your Ideas

  • Learn how to paint a picture for the client. Give them something they can grab onto in your presentation so they can share in the same overall vision.
  • Be prepared to back up your work with the “why” and have logical reasoning for why you chose to go one creative direction over another.
  • Show clients you understand their business and that your creative process has been informed by that knowledge.

3. Be Open to Feedback

Sure, there are some situations where design expertise and client ideas may conflict, and it can be difficult to know how to respond.  However, there are certainly more instances than not where client feedback can be useful and spur you onto greater creative.  Consider the fact that the client knows the in’s and out’s of their business better than anyone and explore what aspects of their feedback could take the project to another level.

There may be times where you know with 100% certainty that the direction they want to take the project would be less than ideal or even detrimental to their brand.  In those situations, sit down with the client, show them that you “hear” them and have considered their feedback, but work to guide them back to what you as the creative expert would recommend.  In the end, clients are usually respectful of your professional opinion!

As a marketing agency, our goal is always to maintain positive relationships with our clients while simultaneously creating campaigns that grab the attention of their target audience.  We see the overall creative process as an opportunity to build trust and expand upon our existing relationship with clients.  We hope you will experience the same success with these quick tips!

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Lauren Perkins
Account Manager
Upbeat Marketing


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