The Benefits of Google+

google+Google+ has increasingly become more attractive for businesses to use. This is great news due to Google’s influence online. Google+ was named the second largest active social network in the world in early 2013. Even though Google+ is still behind Facebook, there are more people on the network than Twitter and Youtube. In this blog post, we will outline the benefits of Google+ for businesses of all sizes. Surprisingly enough, Google+ has the capability to help any sized business looking to increase their brand awareness.

Brand Discovery & Search Rankings

Simply put, Google+ makes for better brand discovery. If we take what Klout CEO Joe Fernandez recently said about the impact of rising consumer influence on a brand’s story and overall success as true (Click here to watch the video), it is strongly encouraged to increase the number of places your business is found online. In basic search results using Google, a Google+ profile will feature recent Google+ post activity, number of followers, information and +1 activities from friends and/or people the user trusts (for example, if a friend gives Coca Cola a +1 (similar to thumbs up on Facebook), the user will see this). Also, if the person searching online is already following your business in Google+, your business’s content will appear higher in the Google search results.

Google+ Hangouts

In Google+ Hangouts, businesses can video chat with anyone from anywhere in the world. You can host internal meetings as well as interviews, live Q&A’s with the general public, offer exclusive deals, etc. The possibilities of creating interest in your business seem endless if you approach Hangouts in a creative way.

Google+ Communities

google-communities (1)In Google+ Communities, users share their interests with one another to create a vibrant online community and to discuss and critique the subject matter. This offers great opportunities for businesses to listen to consumer opinions and needs as well as finding out about their target market. Google + Communities are also a great way to identify and connect with brand influencers.

In summation, Google+ is an excellent place to connect with potential customers while getting your brand out into the world. It’s important to remember Google’s influence and that joining and participating in Google+ could be highly beneficial for your business and brand from a search result perspective.

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Zachary Hunt
Account Coordinator
Upbeat Marketing

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