Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” Campaign

At Upbeat Marketing we are always on the hunt for brands that introduce a fresh approach to marketing. We recently ran across a campaign that did just that.

We hope this example will inspire you in your marketing efforts, and that it will cause you to pause and consider how you can build your brand through your next campaign.


The Campaign:

Patagonia is a 600 million dollar company with more than 50 stores worldwide dedicated to providing environmentally sound products to active individuals. Leading up to Christmas, a time of heightened consumerism, Patagonia ran a campaign that focused on the environmental impact of consumerism. Their campaign told customers ‘Don’t buy this jacket’.

They shared details about the environmental impact that the production of their products have on the world. They encouraged customers to pause before they purchased their products and to consider the impact their purchase will have on the earth. This campaign was successful and supported the ever-increasing growth of the company.

What We Can Learn:

  1. Find a Surprising and Captivating Angle: With all of the messages vying for consumers’ attention today, it is more important than ever to find a creative angle for your campaign. During a time of hyper consumerism, Patagonia found a way to stand apart from all of the companies loudly screaming discounts.
  2. Share Important Messages: Not only did Patagonia capture the attention of customers, but also they kept the attention of their target customer through sharing the right message. They didn’t craft a message intended to resonate with everyone. They kept in mind who they were talking to, and they found the best way to talk to them. Their message spoke to the heart of the passions and values that drive Patagonia, the same passions and values shared by their target market. In addition, a message that encouraging less frequent and more intentional purchases wisely supports a customer shopping with Patagonia, a company that is known for their long-lasting products.
  3. Reveal Who You Are: With blind consumerism on the decline companies are now conversing with customers who care about the impact of their purchase. Today, building your brand in the mind of your customer requires you to reveal who you are. Brands that are open and honest with their customers are often the most successful.

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Thanks for reading!

Lauren Perkins
Account Manager

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