Thank you, Reddit!

Upbeat Marketing has worked closely with the non-profit organization, Please BE KIND to Cyclists (PBKTC) for many years now. For those of you who don’t know, PBKTC is an Austin based non-profit that seeks to create a safe and healthy relationship between cyclists and drivers on our roadways.

bk_03_blog_horizantalPBKTC has grown considerably in recent years from a small grassroots organization to a prominent voice in the cycling community here in Austin, Texas and online. Their social media presence has allowed the public and online communities across the world to see their awareness campaigns in real time. Today we would like to feature a guest blogger and PBKTC social media coordinator, Zach Hunt to discuss finding fresh social media content for your own small business or non-profit.

“I’ve been managing and curating social media content for PBKTC. Today I want to impart to you a personal experience finding content through non-traditional means, and how important it is to diversify the places you look for content.

Last week the founder of PBKTC was working on a new inititive with the Austin Police Department (APD) where the APD places “Give Cyclists Three Feet” decals in the back windows of police cruisers to remind drivers to adhere to the Austin law.

On Saturday morning I was scanning a cycling subreddit on for interesting content for the PBKTC Facebook and Twitter pages and ended up running across a photo of the APD police cruiser.

safe passing lawRecognizing that the photo was already circulating the internet, I quickly decided to put it up on the PBKTC Facebook page. Not soon after the photo started going viral on social media, and the post received the largest amount of impressions a post on the page has ever received – somewhere around 30,000 people.

I know that this is a unique case because not every image you find online will be specifically related to your business or cause and have a significant impact on your community, but it was a great example of using various tools such as Reddit on the internet to track down vital information.


Thanks Reddit!

Reddit is not the main website I rely on for information or content for social media, but after attending a SXSW talk about the pros and cons of Reddit, I am starting to use it more frequently. If I hadn’t taken the time to understand the nuances and importance of Reddit in the internet community, it could have been weeks before I found the photograph of the police cruiser. When you are working with non-profits who work solely on awareness campaigns, letting the public know about your actions in a timely manner is crucial.”

So, don’t be afraid to cast a wide net to find the content that will catch people’s attention to you and your small business or non-profit. Check out this previous blog post for more sites other than Reddit.

Upbeat Marketing specializes in online content creation for all types of businesses including non-profits. Email us at today to schedule a consultation!

Thanks for reading! Thanks Reddit!
Sarah Holick
Account Manager

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