Call Me Maybe?

In this day and age of email, text messaging and instant chat, the phone seems to havelost its primary function: the phone call.

Phone calls

Phone calls appear to have gone by the wayside in lieu of the aforementioned forms of communication (and not just in for personal use). It seems we are in the habit of using our phones for almost everything but actually calling someone, and I’m here today with a call to action: give the person you need to communicate with a call – literally, a call to action.

We all know how emails get quickly become buried on page 3 or accidentally overlooked. When your first instinct is to email a client, customer, co-worker or contact, try picking up the phone instead. Yes, emails do leave easy to find records of your conversations, and yes, email allows an arguably more articulate composition of your thoughts, but there’s no substitute for hearing someone’s voice. Hearing someone answer a question or solving a problem together over the phone is invaluable.

Upbeat finds this particularly true in our PR efforts. Calling reporters or editors is one of the best ways to get their attention and make sure your press release is seen. Not only that, but having a call about what’s new on their beat, what’s coming down the pipe, where you might be able to fill in some holes is a VERY valuable use of your plan minutes.

Upbeat also finds phone calls helpful when we need a quick answer with our clients (and it’s nice to hear their voice). It’s sometimes easier to talk through more complicated planning, give an update or get approval instead of typing it out (and don’t worry, you can always do that in a recap email).

A phone call allows you to discuss multiple topics, get quicker answers and HEAR someone. It’s an easy way to include a bit of small talk that can help your rapport with the person you’re talking to.

The wellness manager in me would like to point out the added benefit of being able to walk around while having a phone conversation. You could enjoy a light walk, the weather to get some fresh air. This simple activity allows you to get away from the computer screen for a moment which is something we all need during a long work day.

Remember: the next time you go to send an email, consider dialing the person you need to talk to and see if it makes a difference!

Upbeat can help you with all kinds of talking! Talk with the media (PR), talking with your clients (Messaging and Copy Writing) or talking to the search engines (SEO & SEM). Give us a call at 512-222-4171.

Thanks for reading!
Sarah Holick
Account Manager

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