As the Demand for Content Grows, Consider Video

As visits continue to grow to sites like Pinterest, Movie Icon: RSS
Instagram, and Youtube, one thingremains certain…people are devouring content. They can’t get enough. And furthermore, they’d rather not spend time reading content. This trend may be an issue of lack of time by the public, or may be more accurately and positively attributed to the ole adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” I don’t know what that makes video worth, but when it comes to a company building trust, communicating values, and enticing customers, video is worth it’s weight in business.


[See this blog post on Marketing Land for supporting numbers:]

As video views continue to grow with tablets and smart phones becoming more and more prolific, businesses are left asking (as perhaps you are now): So what? What does that mean for my business?

Every business has an opportunity here. What that opportunity looks like, is unique to each business. What is your expertise as a business? What “pain points” do you put at ease? Share your company’s solutions online! Share them because the public needs them. Share them because it helps you better understand yourself and your business. Share them because it’s good for your business.

To see how other companies use video channels to take their business to the next level, visit the Viddler site and scroll down to the “Viddler Spotlight Vides.”

Picture 16Then consider what kind of videos could take your business to next level, above and beyond your competition?

Video. Consumers want it, the Search Engines love it. Do it! At Upbeat Marketing, not only can we help, but we would love to.

To learn more about Upbeat Marketing and how we can help you with your online presence, visit our website here or call 512-222-7141.

Seth Kuhn
Online Marketing Specialist

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