Tweetle-lee-dee-dee-dee {New Updates to Twitter!}

Whether you’re a rockin’ robin or a fledgling on Twitter, there are a couple of things you should know. Twitter made a few recent updates, and we have some best practices to share with you. Soon, you’ll be singing like a robin in the rain!

Mobile Updates
Twitters’ most recent change created a more optimal user interface on mobile devices. From tablets to Androids, they’ve made reading and retweeting easier. For details, read Twitter’s blog post here.

Profile Design Update
If you logged into Twitter recently and thought you had logged into Facebook by mistake, don’t worry. The new profile design looks very similar to Facebook timeline. Here’s ours:

You have a large, clean space in the top right of the page to upload your logo, your name, handle, tagline or description, location and a live link to your website.

You’ll also notice an image library on the left margin making it much easier to see what visuals you’ve posted. Hallelujah for this! Your customers will be thrilled to be able to click and scroll through your visual content.

Twitter recently introduced promoted accounts and promoted tweets. Both are a great way to geo-target your audience, gain website and mobile visibility and get in front of the right people at the right time (crucial with the fast pace environment of Twitter!). The nice thing is that if you’re familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising, you’ll feel right at home: You determine a daily or by-post budget, and Twitter posts accordingly.

If you want to promote your account, Twitter looks at your current followers and searches for people and businesses with similar interest and places your business at the top of their “Who To Follow” block. You pay when someone follows.

If you want to promote your posts, Twitter monitors your engagement and posts your best posts at the best time. You pay when someone engages (click, retweet, reply and favorite).

If you need help with Twitter or social media strategy, Tweet us at @upbeatmarketing or send an email to We’d love to give your social media wings!

Sarah Holick
Account Manager
Upbeat Marketing

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