Mind Mapping – a Creative Way to Problem Solve

As adults we often revel in the memory of childhood.  For many it was a time of unadulterated life and creativity; we could lose ourselves for hours daydreaming, doodling and playing pretend.  Today it often feels like we have to work hard to be creative or see things in a new light.  In fact, that is probably what brought you to this post.  Sure, we have to work for creativity and make time for it, but we believe it is work that can be fun!

Mind mapping (something we learned in elementary school, but is used in business today) is one great way to bring creativity into problem solving and will help shed light into complex situations.  This method can be very effective individually or in groups to spur creativity and see things in a fresh way.  When you get stuck and need a creative refresh – try mind mapping!

Quick Steps on How to Mind Map:

1.    Start with a Blank Paper / Dry Erase Board

2.    Represent Your Main Topic in the Center (1-3 words or use an image)

3.    Jot Down all Related Words, Terms and Phrases
Jot down everything that people shout out or that comes to mind—use the whole page!  If you are mind mapping individually or in a group don’t negate or criticize the ideas that come to mind.  This is not the time to shut down ideas; go with the “yes, and…” style of brainstorming and keep the ideas flowing.

4.    Connect the Words, Terms and Phrases
Begin grouping the words, terms and phrases you jotted down into categories and determine which ones fit best together.  Circle the words and connect them with lines as you go.  It’s ok if there are some that don’t find a place.  Use different colors or types of lines (wavy, dashed, straight) to differentiate the categories.  You will notice ideas beginning to take shape and your once cluttered list will become a unified idea.

5.    Add Life to Your Map with Colors and Images
Add fun colors, fonts and images that represent your ideas to your mind map to make it creative and fun! Below is an example about why you should try mind mapping.

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Thank you for reading,

Lauren Perkins
Account Manager

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