Content is King

I’ve been saying that “Content is King” for years.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I came up with this phrase (although I’m sure that’s debatable).  And now, it appears that the whole cyber world agrees.  With the last Google update, the Google Panda Update or Farmer Update, this point was proved 7 times over.

In this Panda Update about a year ago, Google made it clear that for them to rank sites well, they’re looking for sites to have original content that is well written. [Certainly, Google’s goal was also to banish inappropriate site practices that people were using to rank well, but the point remains.]

Why does Google want good Content? Why is Content King?

It reduces, evaporates, boils down to the fact that Google and all search engines are looking for authority sites. If someone searches “what do honey badgers eat?” then search engines are going to look for the authority site on honey badgers.

Point 1: The number of indexed* pages a website has is one of the factors that is considered by search engines as to a website’s authority.

More Content = More Pages = More Authority

*All search engines have a cache or “copy” of the internet, but they don’t cache (index) every page out there. There has to be something, even just a little something, on a page for them to include it in their index.

Point 2: Having good content will help build external links.

If you want to rank well on search engines, you need to build external links (other websites pointing back to your website by including your website link). If you have good content, not only is it going to help your efforts to get people to link to you, but you may find that sites are linking to you without you even trying to get them to do so! “Wouldn’t that be something special, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing!”

Point 3: More Content provides opportunity for more keywords.

Every time you write an Article, Blog Post, or even Tweet, you have the opportunity to include keywords to communicate the topic of your page and/or website to the search engines. The more consistent you are with this, the easier it will be for the search engines to understand – and they will reward you with rank.

Point 4: It’s just good for your brand, anyway.

You want to communicate to your customers, clients or patronage. They’ll have questions and issues about your product or service anyway, so why not be proactive about addressing it. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Point 5: Content doesn’t take vacations or lunch breaks.

Without need for vacation time or a lunch break, content will always be online communicating and helping your site rank.  It’s brilliant!  The only cost to you is creating the content (and if you can do it yourself, then it’s nearly free!) and getting it added to your blog or website.  In most cases, you can just send your new content to your web developer, and it shouldn’t take much time at all for them to add a page.  If you have an internal blog or Content Management System, you may be able to do this yourself.

Point 6: It gives you assets to share via social media.

If you’re using social media, which we believe you should be, then you’ve run into the same predicament that every business does: “What do we share today?”

If you’re generating content, it gives you something to share and helps you establish yourself or your company as the expert at the same time. Don’t just self promote, share something relevant. Your networks and audiences will love you for it.

It’s common to give an excerpt, while sharing a link to the rest of the content. And look, then you’re generating traffic too.

Point 7: Only the best sites are doing it

Even with all these points (which are not secrets), most companies, especially smaller ones, aren’t creating enough content. And it’s okay if you haven’t been. But ‘tomorrow’ is not the solution, it’s ‘Today!’ You want to compete? Content is your weapon. And better yet, there’s no defense.

Whether you create content for an internal or external blog or for your website, we hope that you’ll put this suggestion into practice!  Contact Upbeat Marketing at or 512-222-7141 to learn more about improving your search engine rankings, and be on the lookout for more blog posts about creative ways to add content!

Seth Kuhn, Online Marketing Shepherd (Specialist)

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. I recommend that all new bloggers try to post new content 1 or 2 times per day for the first month of starting. This helps get content on their site. There are many other ways to boost your site.
    My blog has been running for a tad over a month now. I was getting search engine traffic from Yahoo and Bing in only 2 weeks of being live. I now get Traffic from Google as well. Having free traffic always feels good.

    If you dont mind I would love to post this article on my blog as well. I am sure my readers will get a ton of insights from this too.

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