Social Media in Politics

We got an inside look at our very own Senator Kirk Watson’s digital life this morning at Austin’s Social Media Breakfast.  Just as social media has altered how we do business, Twitter and Facebook have dramatically changed how politicians engage with their constituents.  Senator Watson detailed several ways social media has given him a solid ROI:

  • A clever campaign asked the constituents of state representatives to “vote” on an issue with their email addresses. The result?  Senator Watson filled and organized his database with the lists of emails acquired.  Furthermore, he had acquired “warm” leads: the voters had already indicated their shared interest in politics!
  • Social media platforms were so successful in personally acquainting him with his voters that his email opt-ins for the Watson Wire (his e-newsletter) increased by 40%
  • No longer limited by geography, Senator Watson was able to reach beyond Austin to the rest of the state of Texas

The Senator then gave a few guidelines for social media that are relevant for small business owners, particularly those who are a bit strapped for time (and who isn’t?):

  • “You can’t outsource your BS”- Social media is the best way to express your individuality, and your “voice” should be authentic
  • Get help for execution! – Yes, your “voice” should be your own. Busy schedules limit translating ideas into action – getting someone to help communicate your thoughts in a time-effective manner can be extremely useful.
  • “Two heads is better than one”- Have a trusted advisor to help brainstorm and evaluate new ideas.  What should you be talking about in social media?  When is the best time to post?
  • Listen– Social media is a two-way conversation – it’s not enough to just talk “at” those you want to reach.  Odds are, if you say anything interesting someone will respond! Responding to and managing feedback is another essential piece of the social media conversation.

Upbeat Marketing specializes in social media for small businesses, whether it is managing an entire account or providing consultation as needed.  We’d love to hear from you!  Please visit our website or contact us at 512-417-0070 or with any questions.

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