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One of a my favorite projects over the past few months has been the development of the “OB JEN” brand for Dr. Jen Mushtaler.  I touched on this campaign in a previous blog post and described our unique approach to branding — targeting female athletes in the community to increase brand exposure and expand Jen’s client base.  Rather than going by Dr. Mushtaler, we coined the phrase “Who’s Your OB JEN?”  Fortunately, the athletic community has really embraced the OB JEN concept and she is often refered to as simply OB JEN both inside and outside of the office.  Exciting news for our branding campaign!

In the past few months, circumstances have changed for Dr. Mushtaler and therefore so has the OB JEN brand!  Dr. Jen Mushtaler just announced the opening of her new practice, Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas, on October 18, 2010.  Our first task at hand was the develop the overall branding for the practice.  We wanted a logo that was professional and clean, but we also wanted to incporporate a feminine touch to soften the company name.  We pulled the pink and magenta highlights from Jen’s previous OB JEN design and created a “terra cotta” look and feel to the new Capital Ob/Gyn Associates of Texas logo.

From here, it was time to “translate” the OB JEN logo that was already recognized in the community to match the new practice.  We wanted to maintain a consistent look and feel for the NEW logo that would still incorporate many of the same elements from the existing design.  We replaced the “leaf” design from the existing OB JEN logo with the new “relaxed” capital logo and then varied the colors for OB JEN.  After a few rounds of trial and error, we finalized a NEW and IMPROVED OB JEN logo that is sure to maintain consistency across Jen’s marketing campaign!

 We are excited to introduce the new look and feel of OB JEN and will begin to translate the remainder of Jen’s marketing materials in the coming months, including the technical t-shirts that have received so much positive feedback.  OB JEN’s new website is undergoing development as we speak — you can view her new splash page here www.capobgyn.com.  And as always, you can follow OB JEN through her blog to keep up with her marketing campaign in the athletic community www.whosyourobjen.com.

If you have questions about company branding or need help with graphic design, contact suzanne@upbeatmarketingaustin.com for details!

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