Small Business Branding: Small Project, Big Effect

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure to work with a residential and commerical security company located in Round Rock, specializing in the installation and activation of alarm systems for homes and small businesses.  I was referred to AMA Alarms through a friend and was instantly energized to work with the company owner when I took my first glance at the company website.  AMA Alarms was in definite need of brand development and a website face-lift; in fact, the company website looked more like it belonged to the alarm manufacturing company (Monotronics) than it did AMA Alarms itself. 

My first course of action was to begin the development of a company brand through the creation of a company logo.  Consistent branding for any small business is imperative – most importantly maintaining a professional and cohesive look and feel across all of your company materials.  For AMA Alarms, we went with a simple logo using navy blue and dark red that is easy to recognize.

From here, I began development on the new AMA Alarms website, pulling limited content and ideas from the existing website and writing the remaining content from scratch.  My website developer created a professional and clean template for the new website with only three key fields to keep things simple – Home, About, Contact.  The security industry is driven primarily by price, so AMA’s low-cost pricing was highlighted boldly on the front page alongside the service offerings. 

For a service company like AMA Alarms, search engine rankings play a large role in driving new customers to the company website (also thought of as the online store-front).  The original site did not include any search engine optimization or website analytics, so we upgraded the site to include company keywords, metatags and Google Analytics.  AMA Alarms should see increased website traffic and better search engine rankings with the new, enhanced website.   The next step for AMA?  Purchasing sponsore Google Ads and developing a full search engine optimization campaign. 

After conducting an introductory marketing audit with the owner, I also discovered that visibility within neighborhoods was a huge potential branding opportunity.  With the creation of a company logo, I recommended that AMA replace its Monotronics (manufacturer) Yard Signs with custom-made AMA Alarm signs.  In addition, AMA Alarms plans to gain increased exposure by creating a custom truck-wrap for company vehicles as well as AMA Polo Shirts for all technicians.  Everyone knows that neighbors talk, so why not make sure they are talking about you! 

For a small business where word of mouth referrals and door knocking serve as the most effective way to reach new customers, it is absolutely pertinent to enhance visibility and maintain a consistent brand.  The development of a company brand and implementation of improved neighborhood visibility could be considered a small project (taking less than two weeks to complete), but the effect of a professional presentation across company materials will have a far-reaching impact in the case of AMA Alarms.

It is known fact in the marketing world that it takes four “touches” before a new client will begin to recognize your brand and consider it trustworthy.  Make every impression count with your customers!     

Visit the new AMA Alarms website here:

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