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Welcome to the new blog for Upbeat Marketing — Marketing Solutions for Small Business.

Upbeat Marketing works with clients of all shapes and sizes.  Smaller in size ourselves, we are able to offer your business the personal attention to detail that larger marketing agencies cannot promise.  Below is an overview of our client services.  Based in Austin, TX.

Strategic Planning

With limited time and resources, entrepreneurs often make the mistake of “doing” rather than planning. Making time for strategic planning is an essential piece of any small business, and the process starts with you!

At Upbeat Marketing, strategic planning for the future entails three phases:

Discovery: This in-depth question and answer process engages key decision makers by providing an interactive platform for gathering all pertinent company information.

Strategy Development: Upbeat Marketing will identify your current profitable marketing vehicles as well as brainstorm new and creative ideas for driving revenue.

Marketing Plan Delivery: This clear and concise action plan will outline targeted marketing strategies and fresh ideas that can be immediately implemented into your business.

Campaign Analysis

As a business owner, you may have taken the important step of putting a detailed marketing plan or campaign in place. However, as the constantly evolving world of marketing spins beneath you, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with current trends and effectively track the progress of your existing plan. Let Upbeat Marketing go to work for you!

Upbeat Marketing specialists will take a detailed snapshot of your current business environment and then conduct a thorough analysis to determine the effectiveness of your existing marketing strategy. Keeping your budget in mind, we will strategically identify which elements of your plan are working for you and which elements could be optimized to provide a more profitable solution.

Branding & Design

Your company image will determine how your customers perceive your product/service and very often becomes the driving factor behind their buying decisions. As you begin to create your brand, it is important to implement a consistent look and feel for all marketing materials as well as a focused messaging strategy. At Upbeat Marketing, we can help you build a company brand that aligns the vision and mission of your company with the purchasing power of your customers.

Branding and graphic design services include:

Logos & Graphics
Websites & Digital Media
Print & Promotional Materials
Direct Mail
Business Cards
Signage & Banners
Special Event Materials

Event Marketing

When it comes to events, the key marketing principle of connecting with your customer is still top priority. In fact, all elements of the event marketing plan should reinforce a focused message in order to create a positive customer experience. Whether you are hosting a launch party to promote your new business or a customer appreciation event, Upbeat Marketing will integrate planning and promotion experience with creative knowledge to ensure that your next event is a success.

Event marketing services include:

Logos & Graphics
Websites & Digital Media
Print & Promotional Materials
Direct Mail
Press & Media Kits
Signage & Banners

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an interactive way to attract a global audience to your product or service. While many of these marketing vehicles are cost effective and easy to implement, there are many moving pieces when it comes to marketing your business online.

Upbeat Marketing will help you better understand your customer base by first conducting market research. Next, we will ensure that all elements of your overall strategy are working together to convey a consistent message to your customers. Finally, you will learn how these marketing vehicles impact buying decisions and in-turn drive sales back to the business.

Elements of an effective Internet Marketing Strategy include:

Social Media (ex. Twitter, Facebook)
Social Media Listening Dashboards
Videos & Podcasts
Client Surveys
Analytics & Lead Tracking
Search Engine Optimization

Contact Upbeat Marketing to start building your marketing strategy today!

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