Unique Sponsorship Ideas for OB JEN

Upbeat Marketing has set up a full marketing campaign and sponsorship ideas for OB JEN this summer!

OB JEN’s Unique Approach
Dr. Jen Mushtaler is an OBGYN who has taken a unique approach to marketing her services. Although she practices with Austin Area OBGYN, she is focusing her efforts on targeting female athletes specifically. She has a special passion for helping female athletes reach their goals in health and fitness, namely because she herself is a triathlete and runner. As such, we have set up a sponsorship campaign that stretches from seminars with local training groups to event sponsorship at local triathlon races.

Branding & Design
Branding has been an essential piece of OB JEN’s campaign.  Rather than use “Mushtaler,” we found a catchy name that is easy to remember.  Through constant and repetitive use of this name, we hope to establish OB JEN as a household name in the triathlon community by the end of the summer.  OB JEN’s logo incorporates the calming pink and brown colors that correspond to the over-reaching Austin Area OBGYN logo.  Clean and easy to spot!

OB JEN’s participation in the triathlon community so far this summer has been received with open arms!  We have even created very stylish technical shirts with her slogan – Who’s Your OB JEN?

Skeese Greets Women’s Triathlon
OB JEN kicked off the season by sponsoring the Skeese Greets Women’s Triathlon. She volunteered at the packet pickup as a way to mingle and build relationships with the female athletes and then followed up with a seminar among the registrants. Not to be outdone, OB JEN also participated in the triathlon race and finished in the top 10%!

Luna Chix Bicycle Rodeo
Next on the list is the Luna Chix Bicycle Rodeo on Tuesday, June 8. OB JEN will be one of the booth sponsors by offering free consultation services during the event. She will be out there to answer questions from the women…no question is too messy, so don’t be shy with OB JEN!


Keep an eye out for OB JEN at several upcoming events as well!
Couples Triathlon – July 11 – Jack & Adam’s/High Five
Cougar Classic 5k – July 24 – Red Licorice Events
Sweet & Twisted Women’s Triathlon – August 22 – Red Licorice Events
Pure Austin Women’s Conference – September TBD

To schedule an appointment with OB JEN, visit www.aaobgyn.com.

To learn more about Upbeat Marketing, visit www.upbeatmarketingaustin.com.

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